HLN: Coffee Truck Job Trains Refugees From All Over The World

Click here for full video We’re Refuge Coffee, a nonprofit fueled by the mission of welcome. We’re on a mission to invite our refugee and immigrant neighbors to our table through intentional job training, mentorship, and radical community support. Click here to find out more about us.

Refuge Coffee serves opportunity to refugees in Georgia

At a small coffee shop in Clarkston, Georgia, you hear that question asked in imperfect English and thick accents. The employees at Refuge Coffee know what it feels like to long for a welcoming word. So do many of their customers, who fled wars and violence around the world.

Empowering Refugees and Newcomers – Refuge Coffee

What gaps exist between resettled refugees and their communities and how might we go about bridging them? How can the simple act of spending time with one another in a common space help break down barriers?

This Coffee Company in Georgia Is Changing Refugees’ Lives—and Catering the Set of ‘Stranger Things’

It’s no coincidence Refuge Coffee launched in Clarkston, a town where the UN resettles a few thousand refugees each year. The place is a collective of the displaced, who’ve left jobs, a lifetime’s accumulation of education and wealth, to start over.

NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt

While most look for a place that’s convenient for coffee, people from all over are driving well out of their way to one Georgia town for what might be called a ‘world brew.’ NBC’s Janet Shamlian reports.