I’m looking for 100 new monthly Refuge Coffee donors!

Photo by Patrick Koltz – http://patrickkolts.com Here are five reasons why I—a fundraiser who really doesn’t love asking people for money—have zero qualms asking you to become a regular donor to Refuge Coffee. When you give a monthly gift to Refuge… 1. You give to people. To be specific, to… Leon EleniAhmad Mohammed Malek Amena […]

We Stand With You

To our African American neighbors: Because true welcome includes sitting at the table of sorrow with friends and neighbors… We stand with you.We ache with you.We are for you. We commit to thinking deeplyTo admitting wrongs,Admitting them againAnd again.We will make space for honest conversations.And we will do our best to elevate justice. “By accepting […]

5 Ways to Support Refuge Coffee…from your couch!

Refuge Coffee Co. | Support Refuge From Your Couch

Thanks to all of you who have already donated to our Tip Jar campaign, ordered a latte at our drive-thru in Clarkston or for pick-up at Sweet Auburn. Thanks for inviting our truck to your neighborhoods (appropriately socially-distant neighborhood meet-up pictured above!*). Even if you don’t live near one of our coffee shops, we’re working […]

How’re you doing?

A Letter From Our COO

https://youtu.be/I0NJ3WeK5io That’s a loaded question these days, isn’t it? We want to know how you’re doing. We want you to thrive, to stay well and connected to those you love. We want you to have a measure of peace. Our COO, Walt, and I (99% Walt and 1% me) created a little video to re-cap […]

Meet James

Refuge Coffee Co. | Stories | Meet James

You’d never guess that James, one of our new Refuge Coffee trainees, is homesick. His smile is too broad. His handshake too firm, his embrace too warm. His gaze too genuinely interested in you. But James is homesick. He’s not particularly homesick for the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya, where he spent 17 of his […]

Join Us For The Refuge Coffee Run

Mama Amina | Refuge Coffee Run

“Community is the fruit of our capacity to make the interests of others more important than our own.”
 — Henri Nouwen And, we might add, real community is FUN. That’s why we created the Refuge Coffee Run: To remind us all that putting others first is fun. To call attention to the beauty that ensues […]

The Welcoming Community
 Meets the Beloved Community

The Welcoming Community
 Meets the Beloved Community

I remember posting the above photo on MLK Day a few years ago. It felt a little arrogant connecting one of my heroes, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., to one of my loves, Refuge Coffee. But I don’t think I was being completely tone deaf, either. Dr. King’s belief in the Beloved Community, in the […]

What are we for

Every so often I open myself up and read the comment stream under a news or social media piece about Refuge, knowing it might hurt. A while ago, I read these comments: The left-wing multicults are willing to sacrifice limitless lives in the pursuit of their utopian vision. and Soon they will fill this truck […]

What 8,000 screaming people cannot do

This is a very personal message. But, for once, I think it’s okay for me to share from a deeper personal place, because I’m guessing that’s how many of you have felt the news over the last week. Deeply. Personally.  As news broke this summer that Trump is seriously considering reducing the number of refugees […]

Why Causes Matter

May I confess something to you? Causes exhaust me.
 There is no shortage of worthy causes that demand my attention these days. If you are on social media, you most likely hear the voices of a thousand causes every day. Their invitations to action are inserted between cute cat videos, clever memes, and graduation photos. […]