Ways you can give to our community

You’re helping all of us work together with our refugee community to

​​Offer living-wage, full-time jobs, job training, and mentorship for our refugee neighbors.

​​Create a safe, welcoming, agendaless space for the world to gather and enjoy conversation and coffee.

​​Tell a more beautiful, accurate refugee story to Atlanta and beyond.

Join the Cortado Club Community!

At Refuge Coffee we have a special community called The Cortado Club which invests in our job training program and world-wide welcome every single month, empowering Refuge Coffee with the ability to budget for our job training program, plan for events and community outreach, and dream about more ways for our newcomer neighbors to flourish.

As part of the Cortado Club community, members receive a gift package which includes a journal with specially created artwork and a few goodies for signing up. There will also be some fun surprises throughout the year just for you!

Will you join with a monthly donation to help us in our mission of job training and to give us more capacity to create welcome and hope for our newcomer neighbors?

Questions about donations?