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Meet the Refuge Family

We promise to leave our mark on everyone who experiences Refuge Coffee Co. by making you feel welcome. We will be friendly, reliable and consistent. You will not only experience quality and cleanliness, but we will uphold food service to the highest safety standards. Your experience with Refuge will always be agendaless, multicultural, simple and safe

Refuge Staff


Role: Founder/CEO
Origin: St. Simons Island, Georgia
Favorite Drink: Cortado
Favorite Music: All types of music
Favorite Book: Anna Karenina


Role: President/COO
Origin: Goldsboro, North Carolina
Favorite Drink: Vanilla Latte
Favorite Music: Classic Rock
Favorite Movie: Rocky IV


Role: Chief People Officer
Origin: Atlanta, Georgia
Favorite Drink: Iced Vanilla Latte (with Extra Ice & Extra Vanilla!)
Favorite Music: Anything that leads to a slow dance with Jonn
Favorite Movie: O Brother Where Art Thou?


Role: Director of Development
Origin: Syracuse, NY
Favorite Drink: caramel Cappuccino with oat milk and monk fruit
Favorite Music: All
Favorite Movie: Sabrina


Role: Director of Marketing
Origin: Charleston, South Carolina
Favorite Drink: Carmel Latte w/ Almond Milk
Favorite Music: Afrobeats / Carnival Music
Favorite Movie: Princess and the Frog


Role: Midtown Cafe ManagerĀ 
Favorite Drink: Caramel latte
Favorite Music: Slow music
Favorite Movie: Persuade of Happiness
Favorite Refuge Moment: Job training


Role: Clarkston Manager
Origin: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Favorite Drink: Black coffee
Favorite Music: Rainy Night In Georgia
Favorite Movie: The Sound of Music


Role: Sweet Auburn Manager
Origin: Greenville, SC
Favorite Drink: Iced coconut milk latte with a splash of cinnamon and honey
Favorite Music: Music feeds the soul / so all genres
Favorite Movie: The Proposal


Role: Catering Manager
Origin: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Favorite Drink: Carmel/Vanilla Cappuccino
Favorite Music: Anything jazz and Tezita minor songs
Favorite Movie: National Security


Role: Customer Experience Coordinator
Origin: Uvira/Luvungi, South Kivu Province,
Democratic Republic of Congo
Favorite Drink: Ginger Peach Tea
Favorite Music: Rumber Music


Role: Social Media Coordinator
Origin: Flint, Michigan
Favorite Drink: Iced caramel latte with oak milk
Favorite Music: R&B/female hip-hop artists
Favorite Movie: Cinderella retelling


Role: Community Engagement and Partnership Coordinator
Origin: Winston-Salem, NC
Favorite Drink: Caramel Macchiato
Favorite Music: Broadway/ Disney
Favorite Movie: Pride and Prejudice

Refuge Board Members

Randy Walton, Chairman

CEO and Managing Partner
of The Walton Group, Inc.
Co-Founder ANGL Works Software
Co-Founder Remarkable! Culture Development
Founder of The Barnabas Group Atlanta – 501(c)(3)

Karen Guess, Secretary

Writer and Content Manager,
Kingdom Advisors
and the Ron Blue Institute at
Indiana Wesleyan University

Kenji Kuramoto, Treasurer

CEO/Founder of Acuity

Kitti Murray

Founder of Refuge Coffee Co.

Aaron Fortner

Owner of Canvas Planning Group

Jennifer Garrett

Senior Communications Specialist
at See, Spark, Go

Victoria Machar

Volunteer Coordinator at Safehouse Outreach

Chad Pearson

General Manager at Northpoint Music/Northpoint Ministries

Jared McFadden

VP of Talent and HR Operations of Boosterthon

Bob Day

Founder/President of Covenant Company

Scotland Wright

President at Scotland Wright Associates

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