5 Ways to Support Refuge Coffee…from your couch!

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Refuge Coffee Co. | Support Refuge From Your Couch

Thanks to all of you who have already donated to our Tip Jar campaign, ordered a latte at our drive-thru in Clarkston or for pick-up at Sweet Auburn. Thanks for inviting our truck to your neighborhoods (appropriately socially-distant neighborhood meet-up pictured above!*). Even if you don’t live near one of our coffee shops, we’re working hard at making it even easier to support the Welcome mission of Refuge!

Here are 100% socially-distanced ways to stay connected with Refuge:

  1. Order online. Takeout (Sweet Auburn & Clarkston) and delivery (Clarkston only). Order here.
  2. Purchase a gift card online. You will be able to use them one day! Do that here.
  3. Sign-up for Refuge Rewards. Sign up here.
  4. Buy Refuge merch at our online store. Get the good stuff here.
  5. Leave us a tip for our trainees in our virtual Tip Jar! Donate here.

We are grateful to so many of you who asked us for this!

* If your home or office is within a 20-mile radius of Clarkston, we’ll come to you! Just text “truck” to 678-613-4670 to set it up.

Refuge Coffee Co. | Support Refuge From Your Couch

You know how much we love the wisdom of Eleanor Roosevelt… well, we just came across this classic quote of hers today, and it made us laugh:

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”

Really, Eleanor, just one? How about 100? We remain committed to fearlessly forging new ways to drink “more than good coffee” with our trainees, staff, and communities. We’re in this with you, and if our coffee, our chai, our smiles, our service, and the many stories of survival we are privileged to tell can push back the fear of uncertainty, we will press on. It is our honor to do so.

* Photo by Taryn Shultz

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