Hallowed Ground

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“This is hallowed ground.”

At a community event last year, a political group came and unfurled a large sign promoting their movement. (Who it was is immaterial to this article, so don’t ask… )

Thankfully, we noticed right away. So, we approached them and said as nicely as we could, “Please put that away. We don’t do that here.” We explained briefly that we work very hard to create a safe place for the community. Our highest priority is to welcome people without foisting an agenda on them.

They weren’t too happy, but they complied. A Clarkston neighbor who was running for public office at the time overheard the conversation and chimed in, “This corner here is hallowed ground. I’m running for office, but I wouldn’t think of putting up a campaign poster here.”

If you’re feeling concerned about the state of our country, about our world, about humanity in general (and, really, how could you not feel this way?) we invite you to our little patch of hallowed ground.

The problems of the world are complex, and we don’t pretend to have an answer for them.

The concept of hallowed ground is deep, and we don’t pretend to be a holy place according to the full meaning of that word.

But we do know this:

Sometimes you just need a patch of hallowed ground

…a space where no one has an agenda, where no one tells you what to think or feel or do. And sometimes you need to share a cup of coffee or tea in that space with a friend.

Our doors are open wide. And you help keep them that way. Thank you.

*Photo credit: Joe Gonzalez

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