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Refuge Coffee Co. | Ahmad, Dreaming

Ahmad, Dreaming

I remember how I used to dream… As a young pharmacist in Damascus, I dreamed of starting a family, of establishing my own home, of

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We Stand With You

To our African American neighbors: Because true welcome includes sitting at the table of sorrow with friends and neighbors… We stand with you.We ache with

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A Letter From Our COO

How’re you doing? That’s a loaded question these days, isn’t it? We want to know how you’re doing. We want you to thrive, to stay well and

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Refuge Coffee Co. | Stories | Meet James

Meet James

You’d never guess that James, one of our new Refuge Coffee trainees, is homesick. His smile is too broad. His handshake too firm, his embrace

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What are we for

Every so often I open myself up and read the comment stream under a news or social media piece about Refuge, knowing it might hurt.

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