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Refuge Coffee Co. | Ali's Story

Ali’s Story

Photo Credit: Taryn Schultz Like many refugees, Ali Mohammed has never known a life without war. His homeland, Sudan, was at war when he was

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Refuge Coffee Co. | How to Engage

How to Engage

Furaha, Leon’s wife, at the baby shower. When I have a meeting with someone at Refuge for the first time, I often warn them that

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Refuge Coffee Co. | Play


Photo Credit: Joe Gonzales I confess that I love to play. And I really love it when I can give people some hope that they

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Refuge Coffee Co | Somayyah’s Story – Part One

Somayyah’s Story

Somayyah shows me the mug she found in the gift shop at The King Center in downtown Atlanta: “I have a dream that my four little children

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Refuge Coffee Co. | Ahmad, Dreaming

Ahmad, Dreaming

I remember how I used to dream… As a young pharmacist in Damascus, I dreamed of starting a family, of establishing my own home, of

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We Stand With You

To our African American neighbors: Because true welcome includes sitting at the table of sorrow with friends and neighbors… We stand with you.We ache with

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