Because every story matters

What are we for

Every so often I open myself up and read the comment stream under a news or social media piece about Refuge, knowing it might hurt.

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Why Causes Matter

May I confess something to you? Causes exhaust me.
 There is no shortage of worthy causes that demand my attention these days. If you are

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Hallowed Ground

“This is hallowed ground.” At a community event last year, a political group came and unfurled a large sign promoting their movement. (Who it was

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What Love Requires

Accurate Anthony de Mello says, “Love springs from awareness. It is only as you see someone as she or she really is here and now

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Home Sweet Home

Placemaking  It’s our way of peacemaking.  You’ve helped us recycle old trucks and an old gas station into a place for peace. It costs you

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